How to Become a Top UK Escort

Do you dream of becoming an adult entertainer? Do you want to experience the exciting life of an escort and meet all kinds of people who want to enjoy your company? If yes, you should definitely consider becoming an escort. There are tons of opportunities waiting for you in the escort industry. All you have to do is equip yourself with the knowledge and skills that will help you succeed as an escort.

Know the Law

Just like when you first start a business, you need to know the law that covers escorting. Is it allowed in the UK? Do you need special permission to start being an escort? The good news is that escorting is legal in the UK. It’s not like prostitution wherein the person offers purely sex in exchange for money. Escorts get paid not just for keeping their clients happy in bed but most especially for their company. People don’t hire a prostitute to accompany them to a wedding or office event and introduce them to family, friends, and co-workers. They pay escorts to play the role of their fake girlfriend or sister to impress others.

Learn from Other Escorts

Before you get into this industry, it’s best to learn from other escorts who will eventually become your competitors in the field. First, check out how they make their profiles. Do they include selfies and full-body pictures of themselves in the nude? Do they wear provocative outfits? How do they pose for the camera? Next, you should also take note of the services they offer and how much they charge for them, too. This will help you decide on your rate in the future. Finally, read reviews of their previous clients. It’s a great way to learn exactly what clients are looking for in an escort.

Get to Know Your Area

If you want to be an independent escort, you should know where clients hang out. Most of them are found in your city’s hotspots. So if you live in Coventry, find out where Coventry escorts meet their clients. Which hotels and restaurants are popular among escorts? Are there discos and pubs in the area? If you’re doing this on a long-term basis, you should consider getting a flat for incall services.

Decide on an Escort Agency

The easiest and safest way to start earning as an escort is by being a part of a reputable escort agency. There are numerous escort agencies in the UK and you can check them out here. The key is to work with one that’s been operating for years and has excellent reviews from clients and escorts themselves. It should also have trusted agents or receptionists who can help escorts connect with clients.

Create an Amazing Profile

The best way to attract clients is to have an eye-catching profile. Hire a professional photographer to take your photos. This is a good investment as clients will be looking at them and they can tell if the shots are too photoshopped or filtered. You want to highlight your best assets may it be your big boobs, long legs, round hips, narrow waists, or all of them. Wear the right clothes as well though showing a bit of skin is a plus. Tell something about yourself without giving away everything to add mystery to your character. Meanwhile, don’t forget to update your profile regularly.

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