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Whether you are experienced or new to the industry. We have regular escort jobs whenever you need them. With the best earnings in the city. Become a high class escort and reap the financial benefits! At the same time, enjoy fun filled, dynamic work. You will be working with a well established and trusted establishment. One who genuinely cares about your wellbeing and security. Not every agency is the same, in terms of low fees, organisation, what they do for you! Contact us today or read on to find out more on how to become an escort.

Escorting is a job whereby you are booked by men for an agreed duration of time. During this time, whether you are an actress or genuinely into the client, you will act like his girlfriend. Therefore, jobs can vary depending on the individual client’s needs. You may be required to be his companion to a party or an event. You may have been specifically booked for your beauty to be his arm candy for an occasion. You could be booked for a business trip where you will be required to interact with his associates. Following on to spending the night with him in the hotel room.

Being a hired girlfriend needs a friendly personality to support his desires and offer affection. Very often leading into intimate encounters. Of course in principle, every attractive girl wants to be paid to be wined-and-dined by wealthy sugar daddies. But it’s the service that is offered, where girls fall-short. Moreover, some feel that they are unable to have one night stands with strangers, regardless of being paid. Or some just don’t have the qualities needed to be a professional adult entertainer.

High standards of work.

However, those that do have the calibre and high standards. Those who make an effort in everything they do. Go on to have fantastic reputations with plenty of regular customers. Thus, resulting in a guaranteed high daily income, whichever days they choose to work. They make everyone they meet, feel special and welcome. Clients literally want to pay a substantial amount of money to be with them! Moreover, Diamond has the lowest fees in Coventry. Meaning, you get to keep the majority of your earnings. As well as having your money in your hand directly from the client at the start of each booking. Money is paid in cash instantly, so there is no waiting for your wages. Only, here can you get the highest earnings in the West Midlands and Warwickshire!

When you start working with us, we can send you as many clients that you need for the days that you are available. There is a certain curiosity, where clients will book you for shorter periods to see if you are a good companion in person. Or if you are worth booking for a longer duration next time. But, it’s up to you to make them feel so great that they return another time. Building a good reputation with positive reviews guarantees long term work. Which obviously has a knock-on effect to continue the public respect for us as a team.

We are looking for attractive ladies aged 18 to mature. There is no stipulation with regards to healthy size, ethnicity or nationality. We are experienced enough to appreciate that every client is different to what he deems as attractive. If you apply to become an escort, you must be legally allowed to live and reside in the country. You must have excellent communication skills in the English language. Furthermore, you need to have an out going personality so customers enjoy spending time with you.

Flexible working hours.

You must be 100% reliable! At this agency you will set you own days, night and hours. We will place adverts for you and take bookings for you based on the hours you provide us. If you fail to stick to the hours, not only do we loose money. We have to deal with very disappointed clients. Who very often we can persuade them to visit another girl. But you then loose that client. Overall, it is not good for anyone involved. We offer flexible working hours. Therefore, you can work part time, full time, weekends or a few hours per week. Changing the working schedule each week to suit your personal circumstances.

We take your safety and security as a top priority. You do not have to use your real name. It is perfectly normal for escorts to have a working alias to hide their real identities. Any photographs can be blurred on the face or tattoos, so you are never recognised. When you work with an agency, they are the go-between for you and clients. In other words, your personal information is never revealed, such as phone numbers. We also provide chauffeurs for our girls. These personal security drivers will take girls to jobs and discretely wait outside. Afterwards, they will take them home without any fuss or funny-business.

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The online application for a Coventry escort job, takes a few minutes of your time. The entire process to work with us can be very swift, ensuring an immediate start. We are always happy to hear from girls who apply at any time of the year. With such a large client data base, we always have room for an extra member. If you appear in principle to be suited to escorting, we will contact you straight away to get the ball rolling.